Week 2? Week 3? I’m somewhere and hating it.

If there’s one thing that running can do, it’s give you time to think.  I think it’s time to quit running.  But not right now.

Updates are fewer.  And why? I don’t know.  I guess I’m not feeling it, that’s the biggest barrier.  I took some time off this summer and it was nice.  I did some shorter runs and enjoyed a 5k, but getting back to long distances has been difficult.

I’ll spare you the short run detail.  They are nice, I enjoy them.  I have been trying to add five minutes each week and I’m up to thirty minutes of non-stop running.  It’s a joy.

The long run weekends, however, aren’t much fun.  I’m back to the old problem of losing steam in the last mile or two.  Maybe it’s a little bit of dehydration.  Maybe it’s the humidity.  Maybe I’ve reached the end of my patience.

I also misread my training plan and should be further along than I actually am.  I should be at ten miles but I only managed eight.  Also, my pace is so much slower than it used to be.  My eight miler ended up being a fifteen minute pace, but mainly because I ended up walking the end. I was proud of myself for tackling the hills and not giving up, but when I got to the flat and less shaded part I just couldn’t do it.

I think that 2018 will be my year of 5 and 10ks.  Maybe that Hot Chocolate 15k.  This means no Tom King, no Ragnars, just short distances that barely justify that pizza binge (but I won’t let it stop me).

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