Redd Kross, Third Man Records Blue Room, May 13, 2017

I couldn’t even decide if I wanted to go.  I had a busy, busy Saturday planned and honestly I just need to be at home sometimes.  But at the same time I knew I shouldn’t miss this.  So I bought that ticket and struggled to find parking and enjoyed every minute.  If there were a boot or a ticket on my car at the end of the night it would’ve been worth it.

I started my prep by watching the McDonald brothers in Spirit of 76, a really fun movie that seems to be mostly forgotten (if it was ever even known).  But so you can get a sense of why I couldn’t fully commit let me first review my Saturday:

  • Up at 7am (not by choice, that’s just when I woke up stupid body clock)
  • Farmers Market for strawberries
  • Craft fair in the park
  • Local Hindu temple to tour and celebrate India
  • Birthday party for a cool seven year old
  • Pizza party
  • plus the normal weekend errands one must do

I get tired just reading it!

But I soldiered on.  Showered, dressed (almost wore my Go-Go’s shirt, can you imagine?), headed out.

Forgot something at home.  Headed back. Headed out again.

I’d only ever been to Third Man during daylight hours and never had trouble with parking, but night was another story.  Circled the block a few times, saw some potentially nefarious acts happening, saw some really crap parking jobs (seriously, you don’t need THAT much of a buffer zone for your car), finally just decided to park at the art store nearby.  Couldn’t find a sign saying it was prohibited so I just went with it.

I rarely find partners in crime to go to shows with me, so I often do these sorts of thing alone.  I get anxiety standing around waiting and staring at nothing so I always try to plan it so that I’m there right as the opening act starts.   I was way early for this one so standing around was inevitable.  I bought a beer and just milled around.  I saw familiar faces, but no one I knew well enough.  Also, it was a mature crowd.  I say that with a giant smile; these days I am usually the oldest or close to it.  This time I was within the average age.  In fact, there were people my age there with their teenaged children.

Opening act was Faux Ferocious.  I quite enjoyed them, although drunky mctallguy tried his best to ruin it.  There’s ALWAYS a tall guy in front of me.  It’s inevitable.  This time I even picked a good place to stand that was mostly unobstructed, but as soon as the tall fella stood next to me I knew he’d be in front of me and shortly he was.  Dude had so many beers he was quad fisting (two beers in each hand) and had a spare in his pocket.  Party on, jerkoff.

After Faux Ferocious finished he and his girl left so I moved closer to avoid any further obstructions.

I was glad I did once Redd Kross took the stage.  I wasn’t the Lady in the Front Row (I don’t think I’m too old to be first in line but we discussed that a couple of paragraphs up) but I was close enough.  And for the duration of the show I had a pretty good view.  Sure, there was a tall dude on my left who sometimes obstructed my view of that side of the stage, but I was still close enough and had a great view.

It was amazing.  Completely amazing.  If there’s this much energy now, how much onstage energy did they have back in the day?  I’ll never know because I was a halfass who never made it to see them last time they were in town (around twenty years ago).

Between rocking our faces off Redd Kross discussed Paul Stanley’s stage banter (which explained why it felt like Steve was channeling him early in the show), Stevie Nicks’s witch status (no, according to Jeff who asked her), and sweet tea (Dale likes it, Steve likes half and half).

After the show I hung out just because I had nothing better to do and who doesn’t want a pic with the band?  After a while I decided I was an adult and it was time to go home.  And who should I run into hanging out in front other than Jeff McDonald himself?

After standing around like a weirdo and butting in on a conversation about Spirit of 76 with some other fans he asked if I wanted a pic.  I did.  He was very nice.

See them when they come to your town.  I hope it isn’t 20 years before they come back here.

And I completely regret not buying a CD copy of Teen Babes from Monsanto at the show.

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