Ragnar Relay Tennessee Wrap Up, 2017

After a quick hotel shower we went to the finish line.  We had our pizza, got our beers (no longer free), and celebrated.  I got to chat with my previous team captain and introduce her to the new captain.  After some rain and fear of a rain delay we finished!

And now for easy to read bullets:

  • I loved the hotel at the midpoint.  It made things much nicer and easier.
  • At first I wasn’t sure I wanted the same legs, but I’m glad I did.  It lessened anxiety.  Next time, though, maybe I try a new one?
  • My team was a lot of fun.
  • I wasn’t sure how the smaller family vans would work out, but they were fine.


Difficulty: ***–  Consider this an average.  Leg 1 had a gradual hill, but since it was early on I didn’t mind it.  Leg 2 was flat, but dark.  Still, nothing too bad.  Leg 3 had the mad hills.
Course: ****- I suppose it depends on your legs, but I certainly thought the whole thing was lovely.
Price: *—-  good gracious.  But I guess a 36 hour cross-state relay requires a bit of planning and cost.
Goody bag/Expo: **— Lots of training and security briefing to be had, but not a lot of other stuff.  Nice that they have a safety gear sponsor on site.
Weather: ****- Rain held off until the very end.
Pre-race: ****- Good music, lots of energy.  I thought the starting line arch was illuminated before?
Post-race: ***** While it’s not perfect, it’s a really great finish line.  Lots of energy, food, and fun.  You really want to stick around for a while.
Organization: ****- Have to take off a star for having no course monitor at my last leg.  Otherwise, they really have it down.
Would I do it again?  I want to make this an annual thing.

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