Ragnar Relay Tennessee Part Three: Chased by zombies, aliens, horses, and armadilli

Third Leg:  5.2 miles Through Williamson County

When I’m very, very tired I start to hear things.  It was dark, rainy, and I was super tired.

My team did shadow me.  It was very thoughtful of them.

I found some ladies going at a pace that was comfortable for me.  I kept up with them for a while.  One stated that she got almost knocked over by a dog during the same Tullahoma leg that I did.  The other said that she saw DRUG DEALS in the leg after mine that went through the Tullahoma park.

Eventually they committed to walking and my quads were getting achy so I started running again.

The timeline is not fresh in my mind but here are some of the things I experienced:

  • Sister shadowing me.
  • Armadillo running across the road (scared me for whatever reason)
  • A horse? I don’t know.  But there was a tall stone fence and what sounded like an animal following me on the other side.  I need to drive by during the day to be sure.
  • My own shadow scaring the crap out of me when a car would approach me from the back
  • So dark the headlamp did nothing.
  • My headphone cord brushing against my bib, making it sound like someone approaching me.  I’d turn around, no one there.  I got really, really spooked because again, TIRED.  so tired.

And then it was OVER.  I was done.



After our legs, but before the finish line

We had some time to kill so we got a box of donuts, headed to the YMCA for showers (and apparently a hot tub), and breakfast at First Watch.  I opted to get my shower at home later and used the Shower Pill to knock the funk down a peg.  We headed to the finish line at Walk of Fame park.  We wandered around.  I bought a nice jacket.  I had a Brooks gait analysis and a free pair of socks.  I redeemed my free beer which I gave to a teammate’s husband.  We drank an Italian wine in a parking garage.

And then it was over!

We crossed the finish line as a team, got a medal and a team picture.  Huzzah!

The next day I met up with a few teammates and husbands and we toured Nashville, enjoying beer and wine.  It would seem we are doing Napa in 2016.


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