Ragnar Relay Tennessee Part 3, March 24, 2017

Did I mention we were on schedule?  Because we were on schedule!  That meant my last leg was during daylight this time!  If you remember 2015, you may remember that it was pitch dark and I was so very sleep deprived that I had to convince myself that zombies were not real.  Not this time!

Before I put in a break, let me ask a question:  why on earth do these fancy Williamson County homes have lights at the foot of the driveway if they don’t keep them on at night?  Whatever the answer was, it didn’t matter in 2017 because I got to run in the daaayyyylliiiigghhtt.

The exchange was desolate.  It was windy and since we were slower there were very few vans.  The exchange markers had blown over.  No course monitors or volunteers.  We were left to fend for ourselves, and since it was the end of the ragnar and we needed protein we resorted to cannibalism.

First thing, I promise that the beginning of the route changed.  I remember a turn-off near the beginning.  This isn’t me misremembering like I did for the first leg, this is truth.

No sign of the horse who kept up with runners.  Also, no shoulder.  Also, TONS of traffic along the way.  I’m sure some drivers cursed as they slowed or stopped for me.  I waved to each and every one, though.

I was a little loopy.  I think I rapped along with Marky Mark (if you’re not in it to win it, then get the hell out).  I passed two more runners.  Two more kills!  Both in skirts, one in pearls.  They really made me feel under-dressed, but it was warm so I guess I didn’t need a touch of fancy.

I need to take a moment to mention that I had an amazingly supportive team.  So many water breaks!

I had a hard time with this one.  I guess the darkness covers the hills and you don’t know where you are.  This time I could see the hills and often they hid behind curves.  I walked more than I wanted to, but I’m coming to peace with that.

The leg was also extended a bit.  I had to run down Murfreesboro Rd in Franklin, but police were there to direct us and it was all downhill.  Huge shoulder.  Still scary.  That’s one busy damn road.

And once I got down the hill I was done!

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