Ragnar Relay Tennessee Part 2, March 24, 2017

Time for the night leg!  It’s inevitable.  Some of us have more than one (but not me!) but we all have at least one.

I had anxiety again, but at least I knew what to expect.  There was country, fields, then a neighborhood and a short sidewalk.  Two of my teammates kept me company at the beginning and listened to me yammer on and on.  I made sure to mention that I was missing the season 9 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race for this (and it turned out to be pretty great, what with Gaga and all! But we live in the future and no culture exists in a vacuum so I watched it later).

In 2015 there were rumors of stray dogs running around body slamming people.  I remember dogs body slamming a length of fence, but I didn’t see any actual dogs.  This time there were neither.

I made sure to swing my headlamp and handheld flashlight through the fields and wooded areas to make sure I didn’t see any animals (look, it made sense at the time, ok?).  Overall though, I was less tired and therefore less weirded out by it.

Since this leg was so very flat I ran the runs and walked the walks.  Everything as planned

At the end of leg 6 the next runner from our team wasn’t quite ready, but it was only short confusion.  We had some quick fast food and then back to the hotel for showers, naps, and general recharging.

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