Purity Dairy Dash 10K, April 15, 2017

Wait, I was going to take an extended training break.  No races until October.  What happened?  My mom.  She wanted to do the 5k, so I said I’d do the 10k.  They offered a 15k but come on, I’m not ready for such.

As for training, I’ve been getting back to my c25k roots.  Using this as time to try and get my old pace back.  My pace left me last fall and I’m on the prowl to get it back.

Did not find my old pace but did find goats.  Or were they sheep?

Pre-race was fun.  Wandering in search of water (found) and a banana (not found), instead found a Krispy Kreme!

Mom started first so I had a while to wander.  I found two easter eggs in the shrubbery, but they were full of stickers, not energy like I needed.

And then we started!

Having done this race before I knew what to expect and it didn’t disappoint.

But then, goats.  Or sheep.  I thought they were goats but was later told they are actually sheep.  I guess I can’t distinguish when the fleece is removed.

Taking pictures of the sheep or goats caused my Zombies Run app to fail, so I had to kick it back off.  Minor irritation, but I moved on.

I ran when my app told me to, I walked when my app told me to.  Pace was slower than normal, but my running intervals were shorter than normal.

It was fun hearing both Super Freak and U Can’t Touch This in the same session.  I forgot they’re both on my playlist.

Difficulty: **—  So here’s a comment that will seem like whining:  Sometimes running a long, flat stretch can be a challenge.  Especially when that long, flat stretch is visible for a long time.  It gives you time to reflect on the futility of things.  Too depressing?  Maybe.  Throw us some small hills and switchbacks.
Course: ***– Goes through a large office park so it’s not the prettiest, but then a long stretch goes by the river which is nice.  Also, goats or sheep.
Price: ****-  Price is low and stays there until right before the race.
Goody bag/Expo: NA Someone else got my packet for me and there was no goody bag.
Weather: ****- Sunny and warm, the kind of warm that causes the drippiest sweat ever.
Pre-race: ****- Fun music, really good DJ.  Lots of booths, lots of pre-race snacks if you wanted such things.
Post-race: ***** Maybe it’s because I only did the 10k, but there was plenty of mac and cheese, meatballs, ice cream, and milk left.  And the fun DJ.
Organization: ***** They have it down.  Volunteers where you need them.  Water stations where you need them.
Would I do it again?  Yeah I think so.

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