Pre-training check in: Hot AF

No more messing around.  Training time HAS to start. Except the sun doesn’t want me to.


I tried, you guys.  I did.  The plan said six miles on Sunday.  Since I couldn’t do it Sunday I did it Saturday.  Or tried!

I even started early!  By 8am the sun was unrelenting.  Thermometer said 82, but humidity was HIGH.  I took water and I NEVER take water on six miles.  My running intervals seemed to ALL start with a big hill, but that was expected.  Then somewhere in the beginning of mile 2 my body said “nah.”  I had to give up.  I was a little over a half mile from home and just walked back.  Except my body didn’t even want to do that.  I very nearly had to call a a car share for a short distance.

When I got home my hat was nearly clear.  See picture above–this was after I cooled down a little, but you can see my hair through the hat on the left side of the image.

I’ve decided to run inside for the time being.  I haven’t gotten much mileage, but at least I’m doing something.

It also took me several runs to realize that my playlist wasn’t on shuffle, which explains why I was hearing the same few songs every time.  I can’t believe it wasn’t immediately obvious.  But it’s cool, I fixed it.

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