Mid-May training update

Training break was a little longer than I expected.  There was the Nashville Film Festival (more on that later, I promise!), and then I just couldn’t be bothered.  I’ve done c25k intervals here and there, but nothing regular.  Is this how normal people live, exercising whenever or not at all?  I could get used to that!  I spent afternoons after work not huffing and puffing in the blaring sun but relaxing and catching up on stuff!  Did you know you can run errands during the week?  It’s a thing people do!  But enough with the mundane–on to another type of mundane.

After Ragnar I decided to take a break.  And then I decided to do the Dairy Dash anyway.  Oh, and a 5k next month.  Some break!

It’s been hard getting back into the swing.  I just don’t want to.  Oddly enough, training got me through a somewhat difficult winter depression.  Even losing my pace, I still enjoyed it.  Getting back has been a challenge.  Most runs are slogs, but every so often one is a delight, reminding me why I started.  I think I’m back in a rut and I need a new course.  Still, my regular course is so comfortable and simple!  Well, and flat, which is why it’s so comfortable.  I need to challenge myself.

Since I don’t have much to say, here’s a picture of a strawberry pie.

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