DC Front Runners Pride Run 5K, June 9, 2017

My new favorite vacation planning step is to look for races.  Sure enough, there was a 5k in Washington DC.  And it was at night.  And it was a sort-of kick off to Pride.  And it was in a cemetery.  Can you imagine my delight???

The plan was to take a lyft over to the starting line.  Metro could be slow or stopped or unpredictable, and if you’re stuck underground you’re not going anywhere.  It was a good plan, but traffic was a beast and we got there with almost no time to spare.  As we ran past someone at a food truck handed me chocolate dipped mango sorbet on a stick that was incredible.  We were both holding backpacks with gear for a party later.  The plan was to check the bags, and we asked a volunteer where bag check was.  He said at the starting line.

Turned out bag check was right behind the volunteer who told us that.  We had to run with our backpacks on.

I’ve never done a 5k that had waves, but this one did due to the narrow course.

Each wave got a confetti start.  A confetti start!  How fantastic is that???  I actually yelled out loud “I’M RUNNING THROUGH CONFETTI!!!!”

I had more energy than I anticipated.  I had walked all over our nation’s capitol and had 25000 steps logged already, but I was still able to run quite a bit.  I kept my short intervals, but ran through a few of the walks.  Running with a backpack wasn’t great, it was hard to find my stride and my form was probably terrible.

Water was handed to us by chiseled men in skimpy shorts.  There were two sponge stations on the course as well.  The volunteers told us that it was ok to rub them on our bodies, but we should not put them in our mouths.  It was really, really nice to have the cold water on a hot day.

My friend Sarah was a little ahead of me and ran me in to the finish shouting fun and motivating phrases.

My time was not what I wanted, but considering I ran with a backpack it was fine.

And the song that played as I crossed the finish line was Johnny Are You Queer

Difficulty: ***–  Sure, we had to pay attention when running on the cobblestones, but otherwise it was just nice and flat.  Gets one extra star because I had to run with my backpack.
Course: ****- Very scenic.  Starts and ends in a cemetery, nice run along a greenway in the middle.
Price: ***–  Price not bad, but I waited until last minute.
Goody bag/Expo: ***– Nice tech shirt with plenty of options in sizing, style, etc.  Good tote bag.  No real expo
Weather: ****- sun was setting when we started, but still fairly hot
Pre-race: ****- Seemed high energy and fun, but we missed so much of it. Maybe the volunteers need better information.
Post-race: ***** Woo party in the cemetery!  Two free beers, lots of snacks, fun music, fun people.
Organization: ****- Volunteer didn’t know where bag drop was.  Otherwise, they really did a great race.
Would I do it again?  Certainly, if I am in DC when it’s happening.

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