Pics below the break.  Quick rundown:

  • EEGAH was hilarious.  Equal to the original msting, if not better.  That’s not an easy feat either, EEGAH is one of the best.
  • the secret movie (does it need to stay secret?) was great and I hope there’s another season and this one is in it.
  • I almost fell asleep.  that’s no reflection on the quality, only on my age
  • Joel is a delight.
  • More Synthia next season.
  • It was cool to see Grant Baciocco as the Bonehead Terry.  I’m a Doctor Floyd fan from way, way, way back.
  • After 27 years I can still laugh out loud at the same television program.

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Training break was a little longer than I expected.  There was the Nashville Film Festival (more on that later, I promise!), and then I just couldn’t be bothered.  I’ve done c25k intervals here and there, but nothing regular.  Is this how normal people live, exercising whenever or not at all?  I could get used to that!  I spent afternoons after work not huffing and puffing in the blaring sun but relaxing and catching up on stuff!  Did you know you can run errands during the week?  It’s a thing people do!  But enough with the mundane–on to another type of mundane.

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Wait, I was going to take an extended training break.  No races until October.  What happened?  My mom.  She wanted to do the 5k, so I said I’d do the 10k.  They offered a 15k but come on, I’m not ready for such.

As for training, I’ve been getting back to my c25k roots.  Using this as time to try and get my old pace back.  My pace left me last fall and I’m on the prowl to get it back.

Did not find my old pace but did find goats.  Or were they sheep?

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After a quick hotel shower we went to the finish line.  We had our pizza, got our beers (no longer free), and celebrated.  I got to chat with my previous team captain and introduce her to the new captain.  After some rain and fear of a rain delay we finished!

And now for easy to read bullets:

  • I loved the hotel at the midpoint.  It made things much nicer and easier.
  • At first I wasn’t sure I wanted the same legs, but I’m glad I did.  It lessened anxiety.  Next time, though, maybe I try a new one?
  • My team was a lot of fun.
  • I wasn’t sure how the smaller family vans would work out, but they were fine.


Difficulty: ***–  Consider this an average.  Leg 1 had a gradual hill, but since it was early on I didn’t mind it.  Leg 2 was flat, but dark.  Still, nothing too bad.  Leg 3 had the mad hills.
Course: ****- I suppose it depends on your legs, but I certainly thought the whole thing was lovely.
Price: *—-  good gracious.  But I guess a 36 hour cross-state relay requires a bit of planning and cost.
Goody bag/Expo: **— Lots of training and security briefing to be had, but not a lot of other stuff.  Nice that they have a safety gear sponsor on site.
Weather: ****- Rain held off until the very end.
Pre-race: ****- Good music, lots of energy.  I thought the starting line arch was illuminated before?
Post-race: ***** While it’s not perfect, it’s a really great finish line.  Lots of energy, food, and fun.  You really want to stick around for a while.
Organization: ****- Have to take off a star for having no course monitor at my last leg.  Otherwise, they really have it down.
Would I do it again?  I want to make this an annual thing.

Did I mention we were on schedule?  Because we were on schedule!  That meant my last leg was during daylight this time!  If you remember 2015, you may remember that it was pitch dark and I was so very sleep deprived that I had to convince myself that zombies were not real.  Not this time!

Before I put in a break, let me ask a question:  why on earth do these fancy Williamson County homes have lights at the foot of the driveway if they don’t keep them on at night?  Whatever the answer was, it didn’t matter in 2017 because I got to run in the daaayyyylliiiigghhtt.

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